Code Geass - Burai Enhanced Long Range Type

Burai Enhanced Long Range Type only made an appearance on Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion on the DS Platform. The Burai Enhanced Long Range Type is upgraded from Burai Long Range Type, that have been specialized with a role as a Sniper, a long range support or even as a Mobile Artillery. The Burai is used by the Order of the Black Knights to some extent.

Being developed from a Burai, it retains most of what a Burai possesses. However, the Burai Enhanced Long Range Type has a blue color scheme. The most other noticeable difference is the large barrel sticking out of its chest that is a scaled-down version of the Super Electromagnetic Shrapnel Cannon of the Raikō. Nevertheless, it's cannon is still very powerful.

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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Plot

The official website for the Code Geass franchise revealed on Thursday that a Nunnally in Wonderland Original Video Animation (OVA) will be released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD this year. Each edition will include a 40-page picture book that recounts the same story as the anime.
Takahiro Kimura, the character designer for the first Code Geass anime, will be the animation director and contribute new designs for this project. In the all-new story, Lelouch makes the ultimate use of his Geass power for his little sister Nunnally, who loves Alice in Wonderland.
Makoto Baba, an episode director on the two television anime series, is directing this new project. Episode scriptwriter Yuuichi Nomura, character designer/animation director Takahiro Kimura, and musical composer Kotaro Nakagawa are also returning from the television series. Bandai Namco Live TV streamed a promotional video.
The one-episode OVA features the main character Lelouch using his ultimate power for his little sister, Nunnally. They travel into an alternate world where the rest of the cast appears as characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The original cast is reprising their roles for the OVA. The project will ship on July 27 with English subtitles and a 40-page picture book.

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Bakuman S3 - Episode 71

Mashiro, Takagi and Miyoshi go to a hot spring for the short new year holiday. Mashiro and Takagi contemplate how far they have come since middle school. As the year begins, the editors at Shonen Jack have a tough time deciding which series, Zombie Gun or Reversi should get an anime since both have compelling circumstances. Yujiro explains this to Nizuma who turns down the offer, but changes his mind when he learns that Reversi will take its place. Aida asks for Hattori's approval in selecting Reversi but he is torn. He knows Ashirogi might end the manga before the anime even starts and feels obliged to tell this, but then the offer might be pulled. Hattori discusses this with Mashiro and Takagi who both immediately agree on the anime, but they realize they may have to prolong Reversi for a year and thus sacrifice its quality. Takagi promises that he will not let Reversi's quality waver and Mashiro finally tells Hattori why Takagi would go so far for him: because of the promise he made to Azuki. Hattori realizes that he was wrong to worry too much about it and wants to support them. Afterwards Yujiro and Hattori try to make convince Heishi their manga should get an anime and become the flagship series. Later, Hattori hurriedly bursts into Mashiro's studio with news of the outcome.

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information about Busuo Shinki

A bit more information about the staff, courtesy of ANN:
Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi (Infinite Stratos, Macross Frontier)
Series Script Editor: Masahiro Yokotani (Maria Holic; Steins;Gate, K-ON! scripts)
Character Design: Takahiro Kishida (Madoka Magica, Cheburashka Arere?)
Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Ryouma Ebata (Blue Exorcist; Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW's animation director's assistant)
Animation Production: 8-Bit (Infinite Stratos, Aquarion Evol)
Having staff from Macross, IS, Steins;Gate, Madoka, Welcome to the Space Show and Aquarion EVOL makes this really interesting.
Moon Angel was fairly decent for a such a short series, let's see what this new staff can do with the franchise.
I'm actually quite interested in seeing how this TV series ends up. Always nice seeing 15 cm tall battle robots fighting it out, and I hope they do that finally in a tournament setting in some way, shape, or form. Hoping people won't compare this to Infinite Stratos....much.
Been wanting a Busou Shinki anime since I got into Battle Rondo.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT - The Homoge Club

Arriving at the clubroom after dismissal, Kodaka found Rika, who wore no glasses, and had semi-long hair (in contrast to her hair being held by a scrunchie). As Rika explained to Kodaka that her glasses were fake, and were only part of fashion, she then asked Kodaka for his opinion on her new look. Without realizing, Kodaka spoke out his real (yet passionate) view of Rika's new appearance causing Yozora, Sena, and Yukimura to bash Kodaka. As Kodaka looked at Rika with disdain due to her perverseness despite her new appearance and caused him to ignore her afterwards, Rika decided to watch an anime movie named "Homoge Club" to console her broken heart. As she revealed her movie to the others, Yozora immediately threw her flyswatter at Rika by reflex. Not allowing her to show it due to the movie's obscene cover, Kodaka remarked to Yozora that it's wrong to judge someone/something by appearances, and Yozora allowed Rika to show her movie to the rest, much to Rika's excitement.
After watching the movie, which ended with a gay kiss, Yozora asked Rika if it's allowed for friends to kiss. Agreeing on Yozora's question, Rika claimed it's natural for friends or two men to kiss (or to have sex), much to Kodaka's dismay. As Yozora complimented Rika on her movie, thus allowing her to show her other movies with the same genre to the Neighbor's Club, Sena annoyingly declared that it's unfair for her part that her galgame and erotic games are bashed by Yozora, but not on Rika's homo anime. Yozora claimed that Rika's movie represented the ultimate camaraderie between men and insulted Sena for her games which represented indecency and then challenged Sena in chanting the in-game dialogue in her game as Yozora do on Rika's movie, which Sena accepted.
After Yozora nonchalantly and emotionally finished her part in the challenge, much to Sena's annoyance, she then told Sena to do hers, which also ended victorious as she was able to say out loud a line from a sex scene in her game. Embarrassed, Yozora admitted her defeat as both Rika and Yukimura were taken aback by Sena's perverseness, causing the latter to storm off the clubroom whilst insulting Yozora. When Sena left, Kodaka immediately turned off Sena's laptop as he saw the girl in the game resembled Kobato.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Oline


Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman episodes - short title

here list Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman episodes title and release time

Episode titles:
A Lavish Banquet of Raining Coins!
Baban to Koban ga, Ōbanburumai!
A Lavish Banquet For That Hateful Jerk!
Nikui Aitsu ga, Ōbanburumai!
A Lavish Banquet For Guys In Trouble!
Komatta Yatsura ga, Ōbanburumai!
A Lavish Banquet In Skintight Swimsuits!
Patsupatsu Mizugi de, Ōbanburumai!
Shred And Throw For A Lavish Banquet!
Chigiritte Nage te, Ōbanburumai!
Back Alleys, Cellars, And A Lavish Banquet!
Rojiura, Anagura, Ōbanburumai!
There's A Lot To Life, And A Lavish Banquet!
Jinsei Iroiro, Ōbanburumai!
What A Terrible Face, And A Lavish Banquet!
Hide Menshi te, Ōbanburumai!
Bang Bang Ba-Bang! It's A Lavish Banquet!
Banban Baban to, Ōbanburumai!
Show Your True Intentions With A Lavish Banquet!
Porotto Honne de, Ōbanburumai!
A Showdown You Won't Believe, And A Lavish Banquet!
Tamage ta Shōbu da, Ōbanburumai!
In Full Bloom! A Lavish Banquet Of Smiles!
Mankai! Egao no Ōbanburumai!


Accel World 3 (Chapter)

Haruyuki suddenly appears in the Accelerated World, not know how he got there, noticing himself in a reflection he sees his avatar, «Silver Crow». He has been challenged by Ash Roller, another Burst Linker, who then starts chasing him on his motorbike. Haruyuki loses and tells Kuroyukihime about his experience where she laughs at how fast he lost the duel. Kuroyukihime then explains to Haru that Burst Linkers fight so that they can Accelerate. Kuroyukihime then asks Haru to Accelerate with her, so that she can see his Duel Avatar. Haruyuki pledges himself to Kuroyukihime, telling her that he will fight for her, and in time, help her beat all her enemies. Kuroyukihime then teaches Haruyuki how to fight. After finishing teaching Haruyuki how to fight, Megumi asks Kuroyukihime about her relation with Haruyuki, which she replied saying she confessed, and he turned her down. After school, Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki head towards the school gate, with Kuroyukihime telling Haruyuki good luck as he goes to challenge Ash Roller.


AKB0048 Next Stage - Suzuko Kanzaki & Chieri Sono

Suzuko Kanzaki VA: Sawako Hata Age : 14 Birthday : August 6th, 0033 Star Era Height : 157cm Favorite Food : Potato Chips (which she eats with chopsticks) "My love for AKB won't lose to anyone." She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and she's usually a quiet girl with glasses, but she's also an idol otaku who posses a vast store of knowledge about 0048 and its history, and provides explanations about them. She treasures the autograph she received from a certain someone. AKB0048 Next Stage online Chieri Sono VA: Mayu Watanabe Age : 13 Birthday : December 8th, 0034 Star Era Height : 161cm Favorite Food : Chocolate bars, Russian tea "Give shape to dreams, and light to song." She's one of the 77th generation understudies, and though she's usually calm, she can be strict with others. Her seriousness and dedication towards 0048 far surpass her peers'. She's also the daughter of a wealthy businessman. She admired 0048 as a child, and carries a great dream she won't tell others about.


Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de - Tejirof

Tejirof wears a green robe (perhaps silk) that has a yellow highlight line going down the fold. Underneath this is simple, skintight black clothing. His right ear is perced with an earing resembling a 3D version of one of the L-shaped blocks from Tetris. found on his right side is a dagger with a hilt shaped like another L-block, this one being flat and made of some kind of wood. He is also often seen with a small monkey, which later takes a liking to Nil, monkeys being a prominent theme in Sega Tetris releases like Dekaris. This section of the article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Tejirof comes over as a kind of arrogant guy who makes perverted jokes and statements, but appears to be a nicer guy after all. Despite his arrogent statments, he can read someone like a book and knows far more than he lets on, or bothers to say. He has shown attraction to Ramses, most likely as a way to try and salvage whatever relationship the two had had in the past, but these also could be pure perverted. This section of the article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Tejirof was Ramses's instuctor at Puzzle Magic Acadimy. Due to his constant perverted statements towards her, it is safe to assume they have a history in bed togeather. Durring the start the show, Tegirof is called in by Ramses as a mercenary, who's origonal purpose is unknown, and becomes Gear's trainer. Being the most knowledgeable of the Special Force Team, He eventually continues on to become trainers of Opal and even Nil. He is the mentor and stability of the team. This section of the article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Tejirof is a Killer trained in the ability of Puzzle. He is constantly seen creating grids of light as one of his main form of combat. These grids do not last long, but are strong enough to stop a charging Gear dead in his tracks. Although this is his strongest and most sucessful form of combat, he is more often seen using the stick he carrys with him as a weapon, although this could just be becuase he is more often seen fighting in sparing matches rather than normal combat. go to animewind tv to watch online.


Amnesia - Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum is one of the first areas mentioned in the game. The sanctum is very small and is entered via the Chancel after Daniel dispels the barrier with Agrippa's mended orb. The Orb Chamber, where Alexander awaits, can be reached from here. Upon entry here the Shadow arrives and chases Daniel. Run down the stairs and pull the lever on the left nearside pillar to close the door behind him and halt its fleshy residue from claiming Daniel. Amnesia is inside this place that many of Alexander's rituals take place, as evidenced by the altars in the sanctum's peripheral chambers. The main room contains a lever to operate the doors, a staircase which leads to the Chancel, as well as a corridor which leads to the Orb Chamber. Inside the left room there is desk upon which is the final journal entry from Daniel, in which he swears revenge against Alexander. The large door to the Orb Chamber will not budge. A final seal must be broken to confront the baron. In either of the smaller rooms are two alter with Octagram seals on them. They require his blood. Touching both of them drains his health and sanity considerably. After doing so the player must walk onto the Octagram markers on the floor to weaken and finally break the seal. The Shadow forces down the heavy door and overtakes the area with its fleshy matter, roaring as Daniel leaves it once more, entering the final area in Castle Brennenburg.


Ai Mai Mi - Nekomonogatari

Our lead character is an ex-vampire in love. Nekomonogatari. Just the first episode today. Here is the thing with me and this series: it’s improving. It really is. This episode still had the annoying pointless fanservice and the random focus on pointless things like ahoges (those plucks of hair on top of the head that a ton of different Shaft-characters have; this was a joke they milked out eight years ago with Pani Poni Dash by the way), the pacing here was a lot more bearable than with Nisemonogatari: stuff actually happened at a fair pace for once. Here is the thing though: I did not enjoy this episode. The problem with the Monogatari series is that thanks to Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari getting on my nerves so damn much, I’ve started to hate the characters. I did not warm up to them whatsoever and I do not enjoy watching them at all. My question now is: is it all worth it? Is the sometimes witty dialogue about love worth it? Is the really creative animation worth it? Do I want to keep watching this for TEN FREAKING SEASONS? watch Ai Mai Mi go to animewind.tv.